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IDMC Institute offers free self-paced, Bible-based discipleship courses online. These courses are designed to equip learners with spiritual tools that transform their inner lives and relationship with God and people. Each session is filmed in our IDMC studio and taught by Rev Paul Jeyachandran. Each class is then optimized for the digital space, so you can join the learning experience online! Go at your own pace as you make your way through 29+ video lectures, interactive questions, and in-depth forum discussions.

Semester 4

Discipleship & Mentoring

Mentoring is the empowering life-investment, in an accountable relationship, through which knowledge, skills, and attitudes are effectively modelled and imparted so that lives are transformed. Learn mentoring frameworks and principles that will give you greater insight into your own life as well as those you are mentoring.

Semester 5

Spiritual Leadership & Leadership Formation

There are leaders and there are godly leaders. All of them have influence and the ability to obtain followers. Learn about what makes a godly leader, leadership lessons to become a better leader and how to set up others for success in leadership.

Additional course

IDMC 101

True discipleship challenges us to radically redefine success in ministry – not by “how many”, but rather, by “what kind” of disciples we have made – for the mandate (our walk with God) must precede the mission (our work for God). In this series, Rev Paul Jeyachandran sounds the clarion call to return the Church to her disciplemaking roots – of reproducing disciples of “a certain kind”!

Additional Course

IDMC 201

Explore how to create intentional discipleship environments and how to empower a disciplemaking culture and movement in your family, small group, next generation ministries and church-wide. Let us learn together the best practices and principles on what it takes to move your church towards intentional disciplemaking—resulting in the deepening of lives, strengthening of families and multiplication of authentic disciplemakers.

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