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IDMC College was established in obedience to a clear mandate: to raise a generation of believers who are authentic in their discipleship to Jesus and intentional disciplemakers of others. Our college platform offers free, self-paced, Bible-based discipleship courses online. These courses are designed to equip learners with spiritual tools that bring about transformation in their inner lives and enhance their relationships with God and people.

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IDMC Conference

From the first conference held in 2013 of 250 delegates, the annual IDMC Conference in Sydney has flourished and grown in both impact and engagement both locally, and now across the world.Each year’s conference is distinct in itself; each addressing specific areas of critical concern in disciplemaking churches today. IDMC Conferences aim to be catalytic in sounding a clear clarion call for intentional disciplemaking in the local church.It seeks to provoke thinking, to provide perspective and to promote intentional disciplemaking in churches.

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Paul and Esabel Jeyachandran serve as the Senior Pastors of IDMC.Church in Sydney, Australia. They are a dynamic couple who took on the sacred responsibility of leading IDMC.Church in January 2011. Since then, the church has experienced substantial growth, both in numbers and influence, as the Lord has multiplied its impact. Our passion is to see people become authentic, broken, courageous disciplemakers for God’s glory! IDMC.Church currently conducts services across Sydney, Australia.

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