Life Redefined: 8 Key Questions for Spiritual Formation Series is a curriculum designed for small groups meeting in homes, where members can share deeply, be accountable to one another and grow together. This course is focused on spiritual formation—examining our core beliefs through 8 key questions. There are 8 biblical fundamentals for effective biblical discipleship.

Each session tackles a different key question and aspect of discipleship. In order to build a solid biblical foundation, we need to examine the foundation of the Word of God as the most necessary foundation of all when we seek to build depth in our lives. Many have chosen to live a life without depth rather than painstakingly pay the price for a daily walk. But building a deep a deep and lasting foundation is a non-negotiable if we desire to know God. In that deliberate cultivation, God’s truth deposited through the sacred pages of the Scriptures will not just be good thoughts but lived realities in our lives.

Life redefined: 8 Key Questions for Spiritual Formation Series helps guide our understanding for that solid biblical foundation. Each sermon will be released fortnightly with a pdf study guide to follow along with your Life Groups.

Session 1

Biblical Theology: Who is God?

At the heart of true theology is the essential and intimate knowledge of the Almighty God. “Theology” therefore is the devout contemplation of God, by the people of God, resulting in a growing understanding of God’s essential nature and will, through the revealed Word; so that lives are transformed through the practice and teaching of that which is learnt. Such theology, with a high view of God that is informed by the Scriptures, is not dry but dynamic!

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Session 2

Biblical Allegiance: Who is the Master of My Life?

This session denounces the trappings of nominal Christianity. It issues a call for true discipleship; which is the call to “come and die”. Examining the cost of biblical discipleship, it takes us beyond our comfort zone and lifts us from mere duty to a magnificent devotion to God.

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Session 3

Biblical Identity: Who Am I?

This session explores the identity dilemma. It examines the enigma of human identity in relation to people rather than God our Creator. This session also addresses the inner struggles that a loss of identity produces. It issues a call to rise above the status quo and to embrace God’s plan for ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

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Session 4

Biblical Purpose: What Am I Called To Do?

This session begins with exploring our sense of direction in life. It proceeds to examine our propensity towards steering without a compass and issues a call to seek first the Kingdom of God. In so doing, it clarifies our calling as disciples of the Kingdom.

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Session 5

Biblical Values: What is of Ultimate Importance?

This session explores our fundamental values in life. It helps us to define that which is of ultimate importance in our life. Presenting a biblical philosophy of life, it points us to the responsibility of stewardship. It gives us the guiding light to stop going with the flow and to start living for what really matters.

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Session 6

Biblical Priorities: What Must I Put First?

This session is about priorities in life. It examines our inclination towards majoring on the minor and our chronic busyness as a result. It tutors us in the wisdom of balance and how we can overcome distractions in our lives. In short, it is a fundamental call to put “first things first”.

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Session 7

Biblical Empowering: How Can I Be Empowered?

This session is about empowering. It explores the tiredness syndrome and the weariness of our souls. It calls us to live with a three-fold empowering: the empowering of the spiritual disciplines, the empowering of the spiritual community and the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

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Session 8

Biblical Foundation: What Should I Anchor My Life Upon?

This session is about laying a solid foundation in life. It calls for a deep life. It examines the foundation of the Word of God as the most necessary foundation of all when we seek to build depth in our lives. It issues a call to get deeper into the Word of God and to find a decisive breakthrough in Him.

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